Welcome October! This month, our focus is on movement. There is much movement during this season. The leaves change colors and release from the trees. We welcome cooler weather and prepare for the coming winter. What a perfect time to shift our focus and assess where we need to move in our own lives.

Further, allow autumn to serve as a parallel of the beneficial process of letting go. Whether you’ve been holding onto something that’s been weighing you down or hope to replace a bad habit with a healthy one, perhaps it’s time you made a change.

Plus, with all that has been happening around the world, it feels more appropriate than ever to focus on ways that we can let go of the darkness inside of us and move towards the light. If we all let go of fear, hate, and closed-mindedness, how would the world be different? Alternately, if we all moved towards greater levels of compassion and understanding, how much better would our societies be?

We all have something in our lives that gets in the way of us living uninhibited, and whatever it is you’re trying to release this season, we wish you well. May you have the courage to finally let go of what no longer serves you! 

So let us all pledge to get out of our homes, our comfort zones, or step outside of our own way of thinking. When we make that choice, we better ourselves, and in turn, contribute to a better world.

Enjoy the alphabet poem that follows about the journey of letting go- and a happy autumn to you!

Awareness of what autumn brings.

Believe in the act of letting go of things.

Colorful palette the backdrop for change.

Daring to be different.

Everything in life prepares us…

For the opportunity to leap forward.

Growing as a person.

Heart open to something new.

Inspiration guides us to a life of more.

Journey shaped by the most difficult times.  

Kindred spirits offer support through life’s ups and downs.

Laughter makes the road lighter.

Movement can be challenging.

Never mind the doubts that try to keep us stagnant.

Only way to truly embody the season is to be willing to try.  

Prepare our minds to let go.

Quiet reflection.

Running through the options.

Stretch beyond comfortable surroundings.

Tranquility enters the scene when we release control.

Uncertainty still scares us.

Visualize the result when we are willing to move beyond fear.

Welcome the opportunity to leave the past behind.

Xoxo to all who tackle the art of letting go.

You must get out of your own way.

Zip through life faster when you learn how to release and move on.

Dear Reader,

What areas in your life are you having to force? What in your life is flowing- things that are coming easy? Maybe it’s time to leave what feels forced and go in the direction of what’s flowing.

Another thought: Perhaps it’s time to move more and do less. Invigorate your body. Get outside and enjoy the cooler weather. Spending more time outside may give you the clarity you need to make a decision about what steps to take next.

Finally, be gentle with yourself. Letting go isn’t always easy. It’s a process that takes practice. You have what it takes to let go of whatever is keeping you from living your best life- I believe in you!


All the best,