Do your best and forget the rest.

It’s “summertime and the livin’ is easy,” as they say. Long days, sunshine, sand. What’s not to love?

If, on the other hand, you’re feeling a little frazzled by this point- because when your kids are out of school they need constant entertainment or your boss didn’t get the memo that it’s vacation season- read on.

I was talking with someone the other day who said, “You’ve just got to do your best and forget the rest.” I couldn’t seem to find enough hours in the day to get everything done. That’s a draining way to live. It was time to hit the pause button and honor the breaks in my schedule.

Let’s embrace the spirit of the season and enjoy at least a few lazy days. If you’re in need of a break this summer, here are three simple, but important, tips to help you maximize your free time. 


Ask for help.

People reminisce about the days when we used to ask our neighbors to borrow a cup of sugar like they are a thing of the past. But I say they don’t have to be. If you are in need of an item that will save you a trip to the store, why not ask? There’s often a friendlier feel to the season as more families are outside playing together or grilling out.

Are you desperate for a date night without the kids? Grandma and Grandpa are probably more than happy to step in, or call a friend or a babysitter.

If you’re getting behind at home, you can ask for help with that, too.

The point is that there are many ways we can ask for help. When we do, we free up our time and give ourselves a break.

Don’t let your opportunity to enjoy your family or more time for yourself slip away because you don’t want to reach out to others. Another bonus is that when we ask for help, we build community.


Ignore the unimportant.

You know the feeling…laundry is piling up and there’s more work than you can do. If you like clean clothes, you can’t always ignore the laundry.

What else can you ignore?

I felt more empowered when I made a list of all the tasks in my business I could forget about. So, go on. Make a list of everything you will ignore. If you’ve been planning to tackle too many summer projects that are hanging over your head, determine what isn’t important and say, “sayonara.”

There is something if not several things that you can ignore. Despite what it may seem like, everything we attempt to take on is just not that important.


Identify your intention.

My husband and I focus on words such as productive, purposeful, and intentional when we are making our schedule and plans. We try to stay on track with the actions that align with what we most want, and having fun over the summer is something we both definitely want! Those breaks are just as important as our projects at work.

There is an intention behind every action. When you understand that, you will be able to more consistently align yourself with what you desire. Really think about that: There is an intention behind everything you say and do.

What is your intention this summer? 

I don’t know about you, but my intention is to “be all there.” I’m making the most of my work time and making the most of my play time. Whenever it’s time for work, I’m all in and focused. And whenever it’s time for play, my intention is to be all there too, soaking up the sun and taking it easy. 


Dear Reader,

Give yourself a break. Live it up. Do something fun.

As my friend said, “Do your best and forget the rest.”   Wherever you are, I hope you’re taking it easy and enjoying these long summer days.


All the best,