Getting Back On Track

How many times do we go after a goal with the best of intentions and find ourselves overwhelmed with other commitments or get distracted? Part of what I do when I work with clients is help them get back on track. Life gets in the way; things happen. Reaching our goals is a journey that requires the ability to adjust and adapt. If you are feeling off kilter, here are several tips that will help you get back on track. 

Jump back in.

When we fall off course, it is sometimes easy to think that we have been away from the goal for too long and it is no use starting again. Don’t forget the goal entirely! Jump back in and pick up where you left off. It is important to keep going no matter how long it takes.

Share with a friend.

Being able to say, “Hey, I’m trying to get back to walking this week, and I need support to do it,” can make a huge difference in the motivation you feel to get going again. It can boost your spirits even more and ensure that you accomplish the walk if you can recruit a friend to join you. 

Track your progress.

I find that when clients track their progress, even if they start, stop, and then get started again, they can see how much they are actually doing. This will help keep you going. If you have no record of what you have been doing, when you try to start up again, it can feel as though you have not done anything in so long that you are not really doing anything. Record that you are getting started back. When you can see each step, it is much more encouraging- even if you have had to take breaks in between. 

Create an intention.

If you intend to get back on track, create an affirmation statement that serves as a motivating reminder that you will do it. It can help to write your intention on a note card and place it in a visible spot. 

Plan a specific time.

If you wish to get back to your goal, make the time to do it. Put it in your schedule as an appointment that you must keep. It has to be important enough to be a scheduled commitment for you to actually accomplish it.

Make adjustments.

Did you get sidetracked because something about the goal was not working or it did not fit your life? Determine what needs to change and make any necessary adjustments. An important part of the goal planning and achieving process is being able to adjust or create a different strategy as new challenges arise. 

Seek to learn and ask questions.

There is a lesson in every experience. I truly believe that. What do you need to learn about yourself? How is this journey teaching you that? Stay curious and ask questions. It is possible that what feels like “falling off track” is actually life moving you in a different direction. 


Dear Reader,

We all have times when we feel as though we’re failing and fall off track. Jump back in! Get going! I believe in your ability to achieve great things!

Personally, I have not had the time to write a column in quite a while. I decided to write today about tips that would be a reminder to both you and me about how to get back on track.

Whatever you’re passionate about, keep at it. Continue in pursuit of your goal, and the results will come.


All the best,