Balance is essential to your well-being.


Being balanced is central to a joyful, purposeful life. It is important to make an intentional effort to create balance in our daily routines, because when we invite balance into our lives, we can begin to build a whole body, mind, and spirit.

How many of us are pulled out of balance due to the demands of family, time, money, and so on? When we tell ourselves we only have one more thing to do, or just have to push through this one last time, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that while we are accomplishing a checklist in one area, another area of our life is being neglected altogether.

On the flip side, how often does the pendulum swing the other way when we make ambitious goals in an attempt to restore order? The goal itself, such as to create balance, can lead us down a frenzied path of undertaking massive changes that, in time, really pull us further out of balance. 

It seems more often than not that the road to restoring balance begins with small steps. You decide to drink an extra glass of water today, you stop checking emails during your son’s game so you can actually watch it, or you start getting up 15 minutes earlier to meditate. 

How do we begin the process of creating balance?

First, your steps will not look exactly like mine or anyone else’s. You can follow all the advice you want that says you have to do this or that and never really get anywhere. Instead of seeking to emulate the habits of others, you must tailor an approach to you.

Would you agree that the key to creating balance in our lives is to be conscious of our personal priorities? How do we know what small steps to take without a clear understanding of what is most important to us? 

Are you aware of your priorities in life- the values that guide your daily actions? Many times, a seemingly simple question such as the aforementioned one can be surprisingly difficult to answer.

In other words, if you desire to live a balanced life, then you must know what constitutes a balanced life for you. This requires careful consideration of what you seek to accomplish, how you want to feel, what you believe in, or what you want to experience in life, to name a few. In other words, you must understand your top priorities.

What are your top five priorities?

As of late, we have posted about the importance of play and encouraged you to explore the world. Do you value play? Do you crave having free time or blank space in your calendar? If so, would you agree that to feel happy and energized, you must show-up for free time just as you would for an appointment?

Get to the root of what matters to you- therein lies the answer! When you are aware of what you need to remain calm and peaceful in this world-or balanced- you will be well on your way to achieving it. 

There’s no better feeling than living by your values, knowing what you need, and taking the steps to make it happen. When you have a healthy mix of the areas of your life that you find most important, you can more bravely and sanely face life’s challenges. 

You can achieve a greater sense of balance in your life. Start with a small step today. Any step you take in the direction towards balance is essential to your well-being, and that’s a step worth celebrating!




Dear Reader,

You will never feel balanced or fulfilled if you’re following a path that isn’t meant for you.

What is important to you? Do you know what you value most in life?

Start by identifying your priorities. Make small steps. Find moments throughout your day to create balance. We all start somewhere. Those small steps will pave the way for big changes in your life.

You can get there! You have what it takes!


All the best,