Become an active participant.

Watching, waiting.

Quietly participating.


Sitting to the side.

Hiding behind.


Half of me.

Just a fraction of who I know I can be.


Back-and-forth inside my head.

One who wants to be happy. One fixated on all that I dread.


Will I forever be a part of the background scene?

Or do I believe there’s something greater if I dare to dream?


I wasn’t created to be small.

It isn’t my destiny to cower with fear unable to stand tall.


I wasn’t made for an insignificant part,

Struggling and trying to get my start.


I wasn’t meant for a life where I fade into the background.

I don’t want my voice to be silenced until I can’t make a sound.


I was made to be the leading lady- the star in the scene.

The high-flying hero. The confident king.


To shine in the forefront. To be a part of the game.

For my life to matter; not to sit still and things remain the same.


It’s time I stood up to the plate.

I can’t let the doubts of others and my own fears write my fate.


I’ve got a role to fill.

No extra time to kill.


Today is the day.

Blow the whistle. Life I’m here, and I’m ready to play.




Dear Reader,

How often do we let our lives pass by without being an active participant? How many times do we sit to the side too afraid to speak up?

It’s time for you to take center stage in your own life.

You have the power to create the scene, score the goal, write the chapter. It’s up to you how your life plays out.

When people are unhappy in their lives, it can be because they’ve taken a backseat. They have failed to realize that they are in control. They’ve given up their own power.

How can you show up in your life?

What is one area of your life in which you can live bolder, louder, be more alive, and live with more passion?

Start taking control. Become an active participant. Choose to be the star instead of waiting for others to rescue you. You have what it takes!

Remember, what you have to say matters. Your life matters. You matter.


All the best,