Disconnect to connect.

Deep in the forest, the wind whips through the trees.

I extend my arms and feel the cool breeze.


The touch of the earth- soft and cool. 

A deer catches my eye, among other jewels. 


An endless blue sky; the sun peeking through a big, puffy cloud.

The birds’ distinct chatter- a sweet, peaceful sound. 


A rabbit scampers beyond a maple tree.

Down swoop a pair of Carolina Chickadees. 


I wander to an overlook where rolling hills stretch as far as I can see. 

I am alive. Uninterrupted. Deeply connected and free.


An open space. 

A gentle place.


No WiFi or digital screens.

No plasma TV or high speed anything.


No notifications, rings or beeps.

No talking devices or endless tweets.


What’s here is real. It feeds my soul and replenishes me. 

And I can’t help but wonder if it’s the way life was supposed to be. 




Dear Reader,

As we celebrate Earth Week, I hope these thoughts inspire you to reconnect with our beautiful planet.

In a day and time where everyone is “connected,” it seems many of us are feeling increasingly disconnected.

I think you will find that when you are deep in the forest or on top of a mountain, where no WiFi signal can be found, you experience the greatest connection of all- a connection with yourself, and with all that is lovely and of our Creator.

I challenge you to spend a day, or even a small block of time, immersed in our wonderful world. Consciously breathe in the outside air, observe the earth’s creatures, allow yourself time to be still, and sit with your thoughts.

Enhance your life by making this a regular habit. Your days will be richer for it and your connections more fulfilling.


All the best,