Dreams without action steps are simply fantasies.

Dreams require action, even the choice to begin!

Dreams require movement, even if you don’t know all the steps to take. 

Dreams require planning, even if your plans are filled with question marks and blanks.

Dreams require your attention today, even if for only a brief amount of time.

Otherwise, a lack of action stalls the dream.

No movement cause stagnation.

You never end up looking for a way to fill in the question marks and blanks. 

And eventually, time slips away, as does the dream. 

Live the dream. Not a fantasy. 

Today I will:

  • Take my dreams seriously. 
  • Describe in detail everything I see in my mind about my dream.
  • Ask questions. 
  • Plan x amount of time each day to focus on my vision.
  • Be kind to myself when I face setbacks or challenges.
  • Tell someone who I trust and respect about my dreams and buried passions.
  • Step outside my comfort zone. 
  • Follow through. 
  • Live like there’s no tomorrow. 
  • Associate with people who uplift and motivate me. 
  • Put timelines on my goals.
  • Get out and move. Whenever I feel stuck, I will keep moving. Even if I’m moving in other areas of my life that seem unrelated to my vision, I recognize that movement in one area creates movement in another area. 
  • Write down my insights. I believe I am being blessed with divine inspiration and take those nudges seriously. 
  • When it’s time to act, execute with confidence.
  • Help someone else, believe in their dream, and support them in the way I know someone will help and support me.
  • Celebrate every success.



Dear Reader,

Although you may have unanswered questions about your future, when you choose to make your dreams a priority, you are taking a significant step. Remember, dreams without action steps are simply fantasies that drift further away from reality with time.

Believe in yourself and your ability to bring your vision to life.

Now, go after it! You have what it takes!


All the best,