Examining your thought life.

This week, we’re delving into the depths of the unseen and sometimes overlooked- our inner world. While there are more books and material on the topic than ever before, I still notice how challenging it is for many people to reveal, and more importantly work through, their innermost thoughts and feelings.

It’s easier to run from who we really are. Our society offers unlimited avenues to distract ourselves and occupy our time. However, those who are the happiest and most fulfilled are willing to do the inner work on themselves. They understand the pain of facing reality pails in comparison to the pain of never discovering who they really are. They know the time it takes to handle unresolved issues that cause mental clutter is better than the alternative- the time life steals from them when their days feel purposeless.

Doing the inner work yields dividends that equate to all the things I hear people saying they want- genuine happiness, purpose, peace, freedom, abundance, great health, success.

Today, let’s look at your thought life.

What are the predominant thoughts you experience daily?

What emotion does each make you feel?

What do you believe to be at the root of these thoughts?

Examining your inner world is a complex topic with varied approaches. If we simply begin addressing your thought life, we will discover clues as to what is going on inside of you.

Once you have identified your dominant thoughts, we can focus on using the positive thoughts you experience to create affirmations to repeat throughout the day. For instance, let us look at the recurring thought, “I want to discover my purpose. I am trying to figure out what I want to do.”

Overall, do you agree that this is positive? If you want to discover and live your purpose, I believe there is positive intent behind this thought. This differs drastically from a negative or critical thought. For example, “Why do I always do that? I’m such an idiot!”

Let us revisit the positive thought that I believe embodies the intent to live your purpose. That thought can be written as a positive affirmation that you repeat daily. Statements such as:

“I live my purpose. My next steps are revealed to me, and opportunities come easily. I know exactly what to do.”

Instead of living in the realm of uncertainty, you are switching to an affirmation that lives in the realm of possibility.

Eventually, we want to get to the root of the negative thoughts. What triggers the negative thought or limiting belief? Identify the source. How can that situation be resolved or worked through? It is crucial to get to root of the negative thought. Only in doing so, will it no longer be a dominant thought. When we are willing to look at what is pulling us down and work through it, we can rewire our brain.

Working towards a positive and healthy inner world is paramount if we wish to manifest our greatest desires. If our thoughts are not in alignment with what we’re aiming for, we’re fighting a losing battle. The good news is that when we change our thoughts, we change our lives! That means we have the power within us to create a different outcome if we do not like our current circumstances.




Dear Reader,

You have the power to shape your life. It begins with your inner world. No one else can control your thoughts, but you. Claim your power!

Create a positive, winning mindset. In time, your life will correspond.

We all have had to work to overcome negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. You are never alone.

Take it one thought at a time. You can create the life you envision!


All the best,