How to write your story.

In John Maxwell’s book, Intentional Living: Choosing a Life That Matters, he writes about the time he received a gift from his assistant. It was a book titled The Greatest Story Ever Told. He couldn’t wait to read it, he writes.

However, he was shocked to discover the pages inside were blank.

Inside he found a note from his assistant that read, “John, your life is before you. Fill these pages with kind acts, good thoughts, and matters of your heart. Write a great story with your life.”

The above excerpt from John’s book inspired today’s column. How will you write your story? Use this outline I created to help you get started.


My Life Story: The Greatest Story Ever Told



What is the story’s central ambition?

What is the goal of the story? What are you trying to accomplish in telling this story?



What is the obstacle that you have already or must overcome? How will it be resolved by the story’s end?

Write out the scene(s). Describe in detail the transformation that takes place and how you victoriously rise to triumph.



Who makes up the supporting cast?

Who joins you throughout your narrative? These are the people you can rely on to support you when you’re center stage enjoying the limelight or down in the trenches. Who will they be? What traits and characteristics do they possess?







How will you progress the plot?

What are the top things that you must do and see to enrich the plot? These are the experiences that you want to have, the things you are dying to do, or the places that you eagerly anticipate visiting before the story comes to completion.












How will you add value to the story?

What will be your masterpiece- the thing you create that adds immense value to the story, the characters’ lives, and to the world?



How will the story end?

Circle back to the first question. What was the ambition? How did you end up accomplishing it in the end? How did you fulfill your purpose you were put on this earth to do?



What will people be able to say about your legacy?

How will people be able to describe your life? How did you touch their lives? What did you contribute that made an impression on society? How will you be remembered for it?




Dear Reader,

Your life story can be an amazing one!

Write it down. When you do, you are much more likely to make it happen.

I am wishing you a life of great adventure and the fulfillment of your deepest desires.


All the best,


Source: Intentional Living: Choosing a Life That Matters by John Maxwell