Impassioned beliefs and inconsistent behavior.

Why is it that when we believe in something or know there is something that we want to do, there are times our actions do not reflect that? We wonder why the end results do not satisfy us. We attempt again. However, we will not produce any better results when our actions are out of sync with our convictions. 

Impassioned beliefs and inconsistent behavior. This is a struggle for many of us. How easy is it to bend, sacrifice, give in, or compromise our beliefs? 

Beyond the fact that we must be clear on what we want and value in life, I think one reason so many people do not act in accordance with their values is due to all the things they’re tolerating. If you are clear on what you want, why would you not act in ways that bring about what you want unless things were getting in the way? 

Say you believe in positive change, and you value movement. You like to acquire new experiences and push yourself to try different things. Although you know you want something different in your life, you don’t do anything differently. Why do you remain in a situation that you know you don’t want? How easy is it to tolerate the fear, tolerate excuses, or tolerate an environment that has become habitual and seems beyond your control?

Somehow, we have tricked ourselves into thinking that tolerating the situation will require less energy and fear than it requires to change. The opposite if usually true: It requires more energy to hold onto the things that pull us down, than to face what we truly need to see and make the necessary changes. 

When we remain stuck in what we’re tolerating, we fail to see how we can change, even if we cannot immediately change the situation.

Are we keeping our eyes open to new opportunities? Are we professing change and focusing all of our mental energies on the possibility of something new? In essence, are we acting in ways that align with what we currently believe in?

We move towards a life of authenticity when we make a conscious choice to think and act in ways that are consistent with our beliefs. 

What is one of your top values? Or, what is one change that you want to make in your life that you passionately believe in? How can you act in a way that aligns with that conviction? Even if you cannot immediately change the situation or you do not see a way to completely embrace and live the belief, what is one thing you can do that would reflect that belief? 




Dear Reader,

When your values guide your life and you live by those values, you will live a life that is authentic to who you are. That is an accomplishment!

You have the power. Get clear on what you want most in life and figure out small steps to take today. Ignore the crowd. Follow the path that is right for you. Take action in ways that are true to you.

In time, your daily actions will reflect the convictions you carry in your heart, and your life will become a beautiful manifestation of the dream you were meant to live.


All the best,