Let me show you who I am.

Let me show you who I am.

Time to stop living behind a lie I can no longer stand. 


Need to be me. Need to be free. 

Release the past and claim victory. 


The truth may hurt, but it’s real. 

I’m committed to find it and take the time to be still. 


Let me show you who I am. 

I am ready and willing to begin anew. 


Want my voice to be heard- 

To be accepted and understood. 


Rising to the occasion, I won’t back away

From all it is that I have to say. 


Let me show you who I am.

I am here trying to show you.



One of the top stumbling blocks I see people face in their personal lives deals with the truth- the inability to face it, to speak, to live it. Of course, this creates a myriad of problems for us. If we aren’t living our truth, clearly we are not following our passion and accomplishing what we were put on this earth to do. Today, I am specifically talking about the truth as it relates to our relationships and allowing others to see us.

Running from or ignoring the truth prevents others from seeing who we really are. To communicate from a place of openness requires vulnerability, and when we speak how we feel or what we think, it feels very personal. If someone rejects what we share, it feels as though they are rejecting us.

To take down the protective barriers we have carefully built around ourselves requires extraordinary courage. However, when we do so, we can begin to move beyond the confines of all that has imprisoned us and step into freedom. 




Dear Reader,

Let me show you who I am. Each week, I communicate from a place of vulnerability as I write my honest thoughts and feelings in an effort to help you move forward in your own life.

In my personal relationships, I continually seek to work towards open and honest communication. Still, it is a challenge and takes a conscious effort to choose vulnerability at times, as I am sure it is and does for many of you.

I think we have been programmed to seem self-assured whether we feel that way or not, or to retreat and hide when we feel threatened. To move beyond fear by allowing others to really see us is both the challenge and the opportunity in any relationship.

What I know for certain is that the more you continue to reveal yourself, the easier it gets over time. Relationships will fall into place or either end. The right people will come into your life. In essence, when you live your truth, life has a way of working out.

Who are you? How can you begin to reveal deeper facets of yourself this week? Share with those who have earned your trust. If you come across someone who can’t handle the truth you need to speak, move along. Chances are they can’t face the truth themselves.

Be you. There’s only one you, and I have a feeling there’s someone out there who needs to see the gift that you are to the world. Let us see who you really are.


All the best,