Listen to the whispers.

If you’re a dreamer become a believer. 

All you need is already there. 


You don’t have to go off searching, 

Or travel far away. 


It can be buried under a mess. 

But it’s waiting on you no less. 


It may only be a whisper, so don’t ignore its calling when you feel the nudge. 

Let go and listen; don’t define or judge. 


Just follow where it leads you. It knows the way. 

Once you find your voice, it’s here to stay. 




Dear Reader,

Life is trying to speak to you. Do you hear the whispers?

Be still. Listen. Look for the clues. Trust yourself. Follow your heart.

You have everything inside of you that you need to make it in this world.

In time, as you listen to the whispers, your voice will grow stronger. You will have the courage to speak and act with confidence. You will step into your power and live the life you deserve!


All the best,