Living life through the eyes of a child.

Recently, I shared a video of Emma Rester, a young gymnast, with my niece. Featured on The Ellen Show, Ellen asks, “Do you get scared of falling, ever, Emma?” 

“No, because I get back up,” Emma says. 

Besides her natural talent and cute personality, what I loved about the video was that line. Often, when I am coaching a client or speaking to someone about going after their dreams, our conversations live in the realm of childlike possibility. Children live with a sense of wonder and anticipation that, too often as adults, we have forgotten. 

Here are five qualities of children that are beneficial to us as adults:

Live in the present.

Children fully engage themselves in the present moment. Have you ever watched a child and noticed how all of their senses are at play? They are completely and wholeheartedly committed to each moment.

Try, try again.

Children are fearless. They run full steam ahead without fear of failure. When they do fall, they pick themselves up and go again. Have you noticed how unnatural it seems in a child’s world, that he/she would quit trying after falling once? As adults, how often does that happen for us? Failure doesn’t stop children. They try, try again.

Keep moving.

Children crave movement. They explore. They stretch their little bodies. As previously mentioned, if they fall, they get back up and go again. Not only do they keep moving physically, they allow emotions to move through them, as well. They express their feelings, and then they move forward. They are wonderful at rebounding and adapting. Because they keep moving, they keep growing, learning, and changing- physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.


Children are fascinated with themselves. Whenever they accomplish a task, they raise their hands, clap, smile, cheer. In short, they acknowledge their accomplishments and celebrate every tiny thing.

Dream big.

When children dream about their future, they do so with no reservations or stipulations. They anticipate their future with wide-eyed curiosity. Their dreams are grand expressions of themselves, and they naturally want to be who they were created to be. They believe that if they can dream it, it will be.



Dear Reader,

Use the above list as a starting point.

Which childlike qualities are you willing to adopt today? How would embracing them impact how you interact with the world? How would childlike qualities help you achieve your dreams?

Children have the power to remind us of the simple things that we fail to remember as adults.

Act like a child today!


All the best,



Source: Emma Rester on The Ellen Show

(Click link above to watch the video of Emma.)