Nothing can break you.

I haven’t walked in your shoes and don’t know your journey.

But I’ve been there too. We all have a story.


A tale of humble beginnings; of pain and loss.

Of making difficult sacrifices no matter the cost.


Weathered the storm when yet another challenge presented.

Growing weary, perseverance tested.


Dark night. Lonely night.

Struggling to find hope. Filled with fright.


Will I make it? When will this end?

Will happier times ever visit me again?


There has to be reason. I cling to that thought desperately,

As a quiet voice whispers, “Hang on a little longer. Believe in me.”


I keep the faith, knowing that I may stumble and fall.

Perhaps this is what it takes for me to stand tall.


Will I allow the adversity I face to show me the way?

Or will I join the bitter souls who hardened their hearts the moment tragedy befell them that day?


I’m changing the picture. I’m singing a new tune.

This transformation of mind came not a moment too soon.


Now I am ready. Strongest in the race.

Peace permeates my body and a glow emanates from my face.


I will rise above tragedy. I will triumphantly win.

No longer drowning in sorrow and uncomfortable in my own skin.


Once I was willing to allow my heartache to make me,

It became the moment that I realized nothing could break me.




Dear Reader,

Nothing can break you. You are powerful. You are resilient. You are amazing.

I believe you can overcome any obstacle. I believe you have within you the power to triumphantly win.

I say this from a place of having battled years of adversity myself and because of the many other people who have defied the odds.

It doesn’t matter where you come from. It doesn’t matter how you begin or how little you may you have.

You can overcome any obstacle!

What is life teaching you? How is the adversity you are facing preparing you for the future?

Never give up. You will make it. I believe in you!


All the best,