Only you have the answer.

People will always tell you what you can’t do when they think what is impossible for them is for you too. They do not know you. They do not know what you have been through. Nor do they know what you are willing to do or capable of.

Only you know that. Only you have the answer. 

Your inner wisdom beckons to be heard, trusted, and followed. When you respect the guidance that lies within, you will begin to recognize its call.

It is always giving you signs and clues as to which way to turn, even if you are unaware of its influence.

As you become in tune with your innate wisdom, the more easily you will discover the answers that are right for you and the more closely you will live in alignment with your life’s purpose.

Isn’t that what we’re all striving for?

Today, choose to:

Listen without judgement when an idea or answer comes to you. 

Sit quietly. 

Allow supreme focus to guide your life, knowing that answers will be revealed as your commitment to your burning desire deepens. 

When others try to offer advice that you did not ask for, simply smile, wish them well, and move along. 

If others are trying to “fix” you, remind yourself that you are wonderful as you are and your life is not theirs to solve. 

Journal freely, letting uncensored thoughts fill the page. 

Meditate on an area of your life in which you are seeking an answer. Wait patiently for the answer to appear.


Take a walk. 

Affirm your belief in yourself by fueling your thoughts with positive messages. 



Share with someone who is a trusted sounding board and will give you the freedom to create your own awareness. 

Follow your heart. 




Dear Reader,

Only you have the answer. You are the key.

No one is smarter or better than you.

You do not need to look to anyone else for the answer about your life.

Keep listening to your own voice and following the direction that feels right for you.

You have what it takes. Trust yourself!


All the best,