Slaying the giants in your mind.

I slayed a giant that occupied my mind-

A ghastly beast that had been stealing time.


Before I mustered up the courage to finally solve the matter,

Little I did silenced the giant’s incessant chatter.


As it lurked around, I envisioned an ominous sight

That directed my thoughts all day long and into the night.


It shouted at me. It told me I couldn’t.

And when I tried to take action, it told me I shouldn’t.


Controlling and mean, it bullied me.

It carelessly dismissed my helpless pleas.


I cowered in fear and felt myself grow smaller.

Dismayed, I watched as the giant grew taller.


Just when I felt this must be how my life would go,

Somewhere buried underneath, a faint whisper cried, “NO!”


Something happened next- I’m not quite sure.

Maybe it was the fact that I would take no more.


I decided not to run, nor would I any longer hide.

I chose to fight, believing faith was on my side.


Now was the time. I knew I was ready.

I did not falter. I was confident and steady.


I picked up my sword and was prepared for what I might find.

No longer would I allow this giant to control me or occupy my mind.


So I cut through that beast that had weighed me down,

I was determined to continue until I took out its crippling sound.


When he came at me harder, I kept fighting.

Little did he know, this would be his last sighting. 


When I got knocked down, I got back up. 

There was nothing he could do, because now I would not stop.


I called for help when I got tired, and I just kept trying.

Then with one last blow, I sent that beast flying.


That giant thought he would take me. He knew he was rougher.

What he failed to realize is that with faith on my side, I was actually tougher.




We all have giants that we face in our lives. How do you overcome them? How do you rise above the things that threaten to defeat you?

People who slay the giants in their lives do the following things:


Believe the voice that tells them they are stronger than anything that threatens to defeat them.

We all have positive and negative voices inside our heads. Those who prevail choose to believe the voice that claims victory. They feed that voice. They nurture it until it becomes stronger than the voice that professes their defeat.


Fight the battle.

They don’t run. They face what they have to face. They commit to working through whatever they need to work through for however long it takes. They know that on the other side, they will be victorious.


Take action.

They slay the giants in their lives by taking action. They cut out whatever is not working and make changes in their lives that bring about success. They know that action breeds confidence. As they act, their fear begins to dissipate.


Confide in those they trust.

They rely on others and ask for help. They believe that they don’t have to fight the battle alone and know that there is strength in numbers. They form support teams, prayer teams, or confide in someone who they trust to help them get through difficult times. 



They keep fighting until the fight is won. Even when they face defeat along the way, they get back up as often as they have to.


Keep the faith.

They believe in a power greater than themselves and fight with the faith that goodness prevails over evil.




Dear Reader,

You can overcome the giants in your life. You are a resilient and powerful being! I believe you are capable of anything you set your mind to, and I believe in your ability to rise above adversity.

Keep the faith. Keep fighting the good fight.

You were created for greatness, and you deserve to claim the victorious life for which you were intended.


All the best,