Take full responsibility.

For choosing to start or deciding to stay. 

For how you use your time and spend each day. 


For your willingness to face the challenges you meet. 

For how you handle tragedy or crushing defeat. 


For the mistakes you’ve made.

For the role you’ve played. 


For living behind a mask.

Or for sorting through the pieces and healing your past. 


For building something new.

For being exposed and true to you. 


For how you love; how you give.

For how you choose to live.


Not everything is your fault or in your control.

And sometimes bad things happen that we didn’t plan for at all. 


Yet, it’s up to you to say,


“I am beginning today right where I am,

and I’m ready to try as best as I can.


I am willing to look at the good and the bad.

I give myself permission to feel, whether I’m happy or sad. 


I accept responsibility for my life,

and I choose to leave behind the pain and strife.” 


I pledge:


To be completely me.

To be loving and free. 


To take great care of myself. 

To live for my dreams and no one else. 


To show up, to be seen, to let my voice be heard. 

To stop playing it small and mincing my words. 


I choose to accept all that I am.

I will start making my life the best that I can.



Dear Reader,

Your life will change when you take ownership of your experiences. Take full responsibility. Claim the power that you have have to shape how your life turns out.

You owe it to yourself!


All the best,