Take time for a mental snapshot.


Every day, we are surrounded by beauty: simple moments that make us smile; a lovely piece of artwork; an object we had not seen as beautiful but viewed with a new perspective, reveals its beauty; a gentle touch; a picturesque sunset. 

With the transition into fall, the cooler temperatures and crisp air can inspire us to reconnect with the outdoors. This is a time to nurture our bodies and reinvigorate our daily routines as we prepare for the coming winter.

Spending more time outside allows us to incorporate moments in our day to pause. What a great habit this can be to help us slow down and focus on things that truly matter. Plus, embracing an appreciation for the world in which we live, and the ordinary moments that fill our days, can be a wonderful way to live mindfully. 

What do you find beautiful?

What are the things that you appreciate most in life? 

Awaken your senses today. Take a mental snapshot of the beauty that unfolds before your eyes.

You don’t have to pull out your camera. Be in the moment, and let your mind capture the image. Breathe it in. Let every cell of your body be warmed by that delightful picture. Hold onto the image throughout your day.

When you focus on all that is lovely in the world, something beautiful will reveal itself to you, time and again. Pause in these moments. Otherwise, they pass you by. Do this often, and one day you will realize that you no longer have to go looking for beauty. Beauty will find you.




Dear Reader,

Do you take the time to pause and mentally capture the beautiful moments?

While much of the news is tracking the contentious political scene, I feel we must continually remind one another of the good in this world. Even more important, I believe, is to remind each other to celebrate and appreciate it.

Do you realize how beautiful and wonderful you are? Celebrate you. Celebrate moments that fill your life with joy. This will make your life much more rewarding.


All the best,