Courage To Be Vulnerable

Sharing what’s inside and saying what you mean.

For many who dislike feeling stuff, they aren’t too keen. 


Living behind a wall with the gate locked tight. 

Longing for freedom, but unwilling to fight. 


Closed and broken. 

Rather leave it unspoken. 


Afraid to go there. 

What they find might haunt them like a bad nightmare. 


Can’t let others in. 

Don’t understand why this game called life they cannot win. 


Shutting down. 

Drowning out their own helpless sound.


Taking away the voice that could set them free. 

It’s a choice they fail to realize they’re making deliberately. 


Won’t be happy when they censor everything they need to say. 

An authentic life isn’t lived that way. 


There’s a truth they must follow,

That need not wait until tomorrow:


It starts with the journey within. 

To go inside is where you begin. 


And when you allow yourself to feel, 

In time, you will evolve and heal. 


It requires the courage to say, 

“Even if I face the pain, I know I’ll be OK.”


Most aren’t willing. They think not discussing their sadness makes it go away, 

And yet that’s the very action that causes it to stay. 


Plus, the path to joy often encompasses pain,

And when you shut one emotion off, you do not gain. 


How many times did your heartache make you?

Sadness pave the way for your happiness instead of break you?


It can all be preparing you for a life unimaginable. 

Show up; choose to feel. Then, anything’s possible. 


Keep going deeper and sharing what’s inside. 

When you speak your truth, you’ll reclaim your power and no longer have to hide.


Let others see you and live for you. 

One day you’ll look back and realize, “I’d have opened up sooner if I only knew:


The freedom; the contentment. The weight that’s been lifted. 

How my life changed when I allowed my thinking to be shifted!”




Dear Reader,


Are you running from yourself? Are you playing it small and hiding behind a barrier?

When you no longer run from the things that you do not want to face, they lose their power. You are more powerful than anything that’s keeping you trapped.

It’s time for you to reclaim your life!

Make the courageous choice to be vulnerable. Face what you need to face. Speak your truth. Be you. It’s the only way you will ever uncover the joy that you feel when you are content with who you are and what you have to say.

I believe that how you feel and what you need to say is important! I believe in you!


All the best,