This is your year!

This is your year to leave the past behind;

To allow your brilliant self to shine.


To live for today;

To unapologetically share what you have to say.


No more hiding behind. 

Afraid to speak your mind. 


Tolerating less than, 

But secretly wanting more than. 


Weighted down. 

Losing ground. 




What if something could be different this time? 

No more half-hearted smiles and acting as if life’s just fine.


What if it required simply a shift in thinking- 

The decision to make a change and start believing?


How would this direct your ways,

And determine what it is that fills your days?


Consider this:


What if you could see yourself through the eyes of your Creator?

Would that give you the inspiration to aim for something greater?


With this new perspective, do you see how magnificent you are?

You’re glowing in the light like a shining star.


Can you visualize yourself finally happy and free? 

For once, do you feel ready to heed the call of your destiny?


If only you could witness yourself brilliantly beaming!

Then, you would uncover the path to more meaning. 


Forget waiting around and playing it small. 

Remember what you were created for, and stand tall.


This is your year! You can declare it so.

It is whatever you make it, this I know.



Dear Reader,

You have within you the power to create positive change. View yourself with eyes of love as our Creator sees you, and be awakened to the possibilities in your life.

You can make this the year that you break free from all that is weighing you down and decide that 2017 will finally be the time in your life when you began manifesting your deepest desires.

This year is whatever you make it. Make this your year!

I am believing in a wonderful 2017 for you.


All the best,