Those who complain are an energy drain.

Those who complain are an energy drain. 

Wallowing in self-pity and living in shame.


Bored to tears.

Controlled by their fears.


Looking through a lens that magnifies all they’re missing out.

Drowning in regret and enslaved to doubt. 


They’re stuck in the land of all that could have been.

Counting the ways life didn’t look favorably upon them.


They draw in all those who will listen to their helpless plea.

Miserable and confused, they cry, “Life isn’t fair for me.” 


But a grateful heart lives abundantly.

His possessions may be few, but he is happy and free. 


He may not get to travel the world or enjoy many delicacies, 

Yet he delights in simple pleasures and is content to just be.


Thankfulness and peace fill his heart, 

As he awakens each day ready to start. 


He lives with the philosophy, “I can’t wait to see what’s in store.”

And because he appreciates the smallest of things, life will take notice and shower him with more. 


He’s full of purpose and grace. 

Everyone notices the glow on his face. 


His grateful attitude is making deposits in life’s bank.

And he recharges all those he meets because he has a full tank. 




Dear Reader,

Sometimes, the game isn’t fair. We draw the short end of the stick. We receive a poor call. When we aren’t looking, someone scores the goal.

We’ve all been there.

If we’ve all been there- and I truly believe we have- what separates those who uplift us with their pleasant demeanor and grateful heart compared to those who drain us with their complaining ways?

Each day presents a choice- a choice to be thankful for a good night’s sleep or to complain about how early we had to start our day. Perhaps, we’re faced with the choice of appreciating all the things we are able to do or focusing on the experience or trip we didn’t get to take.

The list goes on.

While we all have our tough days, those who are the happiest and most content consistently choose to fill their tank with gratitude.

Living life with a grateful heart allows you to keep the unfortunate circumstances of your life in perspective. When your primary focus is on all that you do have, you are less likely to be rattled by something that doesn’t go your way or by a difficult life event.

This attitude recharges and uplifts others! You never know when someone may be looking at you thinking, “if he can handle that and still have a great attitude, then I can get through this!”

Plus, when you choose to focus on the good in your life, it expands. That means it’s only a matter of time until you attract more for which to be grateful.

Let’s face it: You have a choice. In life, you always have a choice.


All the best,