We’re taking the elevator to the ground floor.

Metaphorically speaking, we’re going on a ride. Won’t you join me? It’s time to get to the bottom of what’s weighing you down. We’ve got to face it, sort it out, and release it. Hop on board. This elevator is headed to the ground floor.

If there is anything that you desire more of in your life, whether it’s a better income or something as basic and necessary as peace of mind, we have to address what’s getting in the way.

One thing’s for certain:

Unless we’re willing to go all the way down to uncover what’s holding us back, we’re never going to make our ascent to the top where freedom awaits.

Let’s start this ride!

As we descend, we’re stopping at each floor. Please, by all means, get out. It’s time to do a walk-through. You’ve got to face what’s been in hiding. Peak inside the rooms. Now, take a good look around. Empty the closets. Look underneath the beds. Bring everything out that needs to come out. As you work your way through the piles, be patient with yourself. Give yourself permission to spend as much time as you need. We’re not setting a timer.

While we’re here, let’s have a frank discussion about this building we’re in. I know going back through everything that’s been packed away seems time consuming and painful, but here’s what happens if you aren’t willing to do it.

Too many people are stuck somewhere in the middle. They are afraid to look at what’s weighing them down and just as afraid to listen to the small voice that’s pleading with them to check out the views of the skyline. These people are conflicted and confused. They ride up a floor and then go back down. The inner struggle wages on, and thus, the pattern repeats itself. Up a floor. Down a floor. Up two floors. The fear appears, so it’s back down again. Then, when they become too afraid to go down any further, it’s back up a little more to where they started. What has happened is that mediocrity has become their norm, and without the resolve to face the burdens they carry, they remain in the middle of the pack.

Unless you want to live in the middle, you’ve got to join us on the elevator and keep going down. Taking it step by step, work your way through what’s been buried. Go down further. Now, dig deeper. Keep going until you get to the bottom of what’s keeping you stuck from becoming your brilliant self. You can do it!


Use these questions as a guide to help you facilitate the process, or journal freely and see what your thoughts reveal:

What are the top five things that are weighing me down?

What consumes my thoughts?

If nothing or no one was stopping me, what would I be doing with my time?

What is draining me of my energy?

In what areas of my life do I feel restricted?

What am I willingly tolerating on a daily basis?

What would need to happen for me to feel free?

What are my recurring blocks to success?


Now, let’s take a moment and honor the wonderful person you are. Answer the following questions which are intended to serve as a reminder that you have what it takes to face this! 

What is one challenge I have overcome in the past?

What strengths do I possess that will help me get through this process of decluttering my life?

When I am free to be me, I will be able to offer____________ to the world (the amazing thing that you were created to do)?


When the ride gets difficult, you need to know who is cheering you on.

Who will unconditionally love and support me along this journey to freedom as I release what’s holding me back?

What do I need them to tell me? (Be sure to let your supporters know, “I need to hear ______.”  It is OK to ask for what you need! )


It’s time to get to the bottom of what’s stopping you. Chances are that once you reach the ground floor, you’ll realize that you didn’t need to be afraid. How often do we attach fear to the things that are pulling us down? Once we face them, the fear usually dissipates. Then, as you begin to let go, imagine how light and free you will feel!

One final note: In this moment, you do not have to know every answer as to how you will release or solve the problem. Those answers will come once you develop an awareness around the what. You’re trying to identify what is weighing you down. You must first become aware of the burdens that you carry before you can map out plans to move forward.




Dear Reader,

To be your best self, you must free yourself.

The journey to the bottom may not be an easy one, but the alternative is to stay stuck where you are. What will you choose?

I want nothing more than for you to feel the freedom of releasing all that no longer serves you.

I believe you deserve better than mediocrity.

I believe you deserve to feel joyful and alive.

I believe you can work through whatever is holding you back and overcome any challenge.

I believe in your greatness!


All the best,