What if the block is the answer?

Embedded in the block lies the answer.

The block does not have to be defined or remedied.

It is not a complicated jigsaw puzzle that you need to hover over as you search endlessly for an odd shaped piece.

The block did not present itself so that you would do more work.

It did not intend to consume all of your mental, emotional, and physical energies. 

What if the block is the answer?

What if the block presented itself so that you would do less?

What if the block is saving you from something?

What if the block is meant to teach you to stop exploring a certain path any further?

What if the block is putting an end to a relationship that is unhealthy at this time or no longer needed in your life? 

How would your life be different if you allowed the block and did not fight it?

What if you decided to:

Let go. 


Not fight back, push harder, do more, or be more.

Allow the block to teach you. 

Focus your time and energy on the areas and relationships that are working.

Discover the answer in the block.

Move forward in the other areas of your life with clarity.




Dear Reader,

In what areas of your life do you feel you are being blocked? We all experience that. Sometimes it is painful, I know. We want it to work out. We cannot understand why there is resistance. We are saddened when a relationship ends.

The block is trying to tell you something.

What if the block is the answer? How would you view your life differently?

Let go and listen.



The answer will come.


All the best,