Which one wins the battle of the voices?

A battle of the voices inside my head. 

The one that wants to break free; the other one that I dread.


I am happy and at peace. 

I am afraid and unsure. 


I am wealthy and accomplished. 

But I am a failure, too.


I am trying to make a change. Or, should I stop?

I am ready, I think. Then I hear, “No, I’m not.”


What do I believe? Which voice will win?

Somewhere I know it’s the one I believe in.


You see, we’re all at peace, and we’re all afraid. We’ve all achieved. And, we’ve all lost.

Doubts haven’t eluded the most successful among us. 


Those who broke free fed positive thoughts and their deepest desires.

They kept believing, until the negative voice grew much quieter.


They gave life to the part of the soul that said yes-

The part that believed, “I can do this!”


We can stay trapped in our minds and live in the dark corners of our heart. 

Or we can feed our soul with the nourishment of good thoughts. 


So it is whatever you choose, and in time you will see: 

The voice that wins is the one you say will be. 




Dear Reader,

Deep within us lives the positive voice that longs to break free from the confines of mediocrity and the negative voice that threatens to keep us trapped. Perhaps, we too often fail to realize how negative thought patterns have become embedded in our subconscious over time. Caught up in a habitual way of thinking, we shape our lives by acting out what is being fed to our subconscious.

Those who break free feed the positive voice- the voice that knows no bounds. Even if that voice is only a murmur, the more you feed it, the stronger it becomes in time.

Then, one day when a limiting belief passes through your mind, it will do just that- pass right on by. It will be nothing more than a fleeting thought and not a conviction. You will have nurtured the part of your soul that knows that the dreams you carry in your heart are possible.

Keep nourishing the seed of desire. Uproot the beliefs that harm you. Plant positive thoughts, and tend to the part of you that longs for more. When you believe in the positive voice that lives within, you are believing in your extraordinary genius.

You were made for something wonderful! Your thoughts are powerful. You can create a life that is a beautiful manifestation of all that you have believed in and nurtured in your heart.

I believe in you! I believe the positive voice can win!

Do you?


All the best,