Will you make room for them?

Joy and laughter.

Cheers and gladness. 


Hearts overflowing; merry celebrations bright. 

Friends gathered ’round on a winter night. 


Peace and blessings. 

Love abounds. 


A contrast. 

A story of pain and loss. 


Blue winter evening. 

Glow fading; faces barely beaming.


Expected to be joyful. 

But sadness is still there. 


No where to go. Hiding behind.

Hoping to go with the flow. 


Will there be room in our hearts for them? 

Will we be kind enough to let them in?


Let us extend our loving embrace; 

Have the courage to reach out to the loneliest face. 


Let us give them permission to be sad,

During a season that demands that we all be glad.


Let us make a place for those who are looking to belong. 

Let us invite them to join our song. 


This Christmas, let us choose an open heart.

May we always remember to invite those in who feel lost and apart.




Dear Reader,

The holiday season can be a wonderful time to celebrate with one another, as well as a time of sadness for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one, are lonely and hungry, and all those who are struggling through a difficult time.

Let us make room for those who are in need of love and compassion this Christmas. May we be sensitive to their needs and willing to kindly accept their sadness.

Let us keep finding ways to come together and extend a warm embrace to all those who long to be loved.

Will you make room in your heart for those who need you?


All the best,