Jennifer Fischer coaches women who aspire to become their best selves and create their best lives. Her coaching seeks to help clients increase levels of self-awareness, develop skills and talents, build human potential, and engage in activities that contribute to the realization of their dreams.

Jennifer coaches to women’s strengths and possibilities with loving acceptance for who they are. She excels at empowering women to triumph over their circumstances and uncover their own brilliance.

Jennifer coaches clients to:

  • take an assessment of their lives to determine what is and is not working
  • design their lives around their values and priorities
  • capitalize on their unique talents
  • adopt strategies to become more productive and organized
  • address their needs and wants
  • set healthy boundaries
  • let go, release stress, and enjoy life more
  • develop authentic self-confidence
  • set and accomplish their most important personal and professional goals

If you are interested in coaching with Jennifer, please contact her. Jennifer coaches women from across the U.S. remotely over the phone and looks forward to the opportunity to work with you. 

Please call 980.505.7725 or email To schedule an appointment, please click:  Jennifer's calendar

Praise from happy clients

“Jennifer is very understanding, encouraging, supporting, and no matter what you talk to her about, there is no judgement whatsoever. Having Jennifer as a life coach has really helped me develop a positive outlook on negative days. She is a great listener and acknowledges even your smallest of accomplishments. She takes your challenges and looks at them as a way of pushing harder towards your lifelong goals. Jennifer is gifted, and having her in my life has been such a blessing.”- G. Johnson

“You can tell Jen anything. She is such a compassionate listener and really hears what you’re saying. Plus, there is a level of complete acceptance no matter what. She recognizes what you’re living with now is important but also responds in a way that guides you to a solution to move you past it. A solution that fits with who you are and who you will become.” – D. Farina

“Jennifer is a gifted, encouraging and compassionate life coach who will move you from your perceived limitations to your greatest goals and beyond. I had the privilege of being coached by Jennifer for nearly a year at a time of transition in my life. Jennifer challenged me in positive ways to change my negative thoughts and habits to bring to reality new ways of thinking which produced amazing results. She helped me identify and capitalize on my strengths to find a fulfilling volunteer position, build a supportive network in my new community, and to accomplish my income goals. Her gifts, skills and personal experience make her a well rounded and most desirable life coach. She is well worth the investment!” – M. Campbell

“Working with Jen to meet my personal goals in life has been an investment I will never regret! Because she really has a drive to help her clients reach their potential, I feel like she is equally invested in me. She has helped me organize my priorities in life and clarify what things are distracting and inhibiting me from reaching my goals. I have done therapy in the past but this really takes it to the next level. By being proactive and defining the steps, she really helps her clients figure out their goals and how to take action to make them a reality! I am so grateful to have Jen in my life! – Rachel S.