“You may encounter many defeats but you must not be defeated.” – Maya Angelou

Jennifer Fischer is a Professional Life Coach who specializes in empowering women to take center stage in their lives. She speaks directly to the heart of women as she coaches them to fully embrace who they are and overcome the limitations that keep them trapped, small, and unfulfilled.

Jennifer’s career was set in motion due to her interest in human potential and the difficult experiences that forced her to either accept defeat or write her own story. 

Having faced significant personal challenges throughout her life, Jennifer is driven by a compelling vision to empower women, who like herself, are determined to rise above adversity and free themselves from a life of struggle. For her, there is no greater calling than to support women in harnessing the power of choice to change their lives. 

Jennifer holds a degree in Public Relations and has a background in Communications. She received her life coach training from Coach U, an ICF accredited training school. For the past 12 years, she has been a student of the personal development and natural health fields as she has been on a path to achieve a state of optimal well-being.

Drawing from the wisdom of her life experiences, and the personal application of her studies, she brings to her clients expertise in the following areas: self-awareness, overcoming adversity, creating life balance, organizing priorities, strength-building, goal setting, authentic self-confidence and personal empowerment.

Jennifer possess an enduring commitment to those who lack the resources and support that would enable them to thrive.

She sponsors children in low-income areas and volunteers as a tutor and mentor to young people who need a positive champion in their lives. She is a member of One to One, a global organization of coaches who offer pro bono coaching services to women emerging from challenging circumstances. 

Jennifer enjoys yoga, hiking, running, and traveling with her husband, Andy. Just like her clients, she continues the journey to her best and most magnificent life, writing her own triumphant story one page at a time.