Jennifer C. Fischer   LinkedIn

Jennifer Fischer is a Certified Life Coach, writer, and speaker who specializes in empowering women to fully embrace their unique gifts and become active participants in their lives.

Jennifer is experienced at coaching women to leverage their strengths, live in alignment with their top priorities, organize their lives, capitalize on opportunities, set and achieve SMART goals, and adopt a practice of positive self-talk, nourishing habits, and strategies to live better. 

For the past six years, she has coached women to overcome the limitations that keep them trapped, small, and unfulfilled so that they can manifest their biggest, boldest lives. 

Andrew J. Fischer   LinkedIn

Andrew “Andy” Fischer is a business/ executive coach and consultant. He is passionate about business processes and people. His strength is bringing them together to achieve success for an organization.

For 13 years, Andy worked in upper-level management at a fast-paced, high-growth company, establishing a reputation as a trustworthy leader of integrity with an ability to produce results.

Andy excels at building departments from scratch while driving high-level process improvement initiatives that save substantial amounts of time, money, and resources; running the daily operations of multi-million dollar business units; and creating winning solutions to complex problems.