I looked at my life, and despite my attempts to just “be,”

I must confess: I failed to see anything hopeful starring back at me. 


Surely contentment was something I could find; 

I longed to be free of the frustration taking up residence in my mind. 


So I carried on with my search, checking over where I had been. 

There’s nothing I wanted to overlook this time- not now, not ever again. 


High and low. What did I miss? 

Maybe finding an answer was too outlandish of a wish. 


One day, exhausted, I decided to rest. 

I had done all I could. It had taken my best. 


I waited. I stopped pushing, even though I tried to talk myself into going again. 

Maybe, I thought, this has defeated me; it will actually win. 


Months had now passed, and I don’t know why…

One day, I no longer felt the need to cry. 


Suddenly, I could see differently. 

It was as if a veil had been lifted, and the answer had always been in front of me. 


Oh the time I had spent looking in all the same spots,

Going over my figures and connecting all the same dots! 


Tunnel vision had kept me trapped in a familiar space,

From discovering the freedom of a new place. 


If only I had widened my view. 

What could I have discovered sooner? Who knew?


Dear Reader,

We all experience times in our lives when we have to wait for an answer. We search. We take inventory. We go over everything again. Sometimes, we become so focused on finding the solution that we fail to see the answer that has been in front of us all along.

Are you at a point in your life where you’re having to wait? There is a season and time for everything. When we feel we don’t have to figure it all out, usually life has a way of naturally working out.

How can you develop a greater level of patience for your current situation and begin to view it from a different perspective?


All the best,