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Jennifer Fischer

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Jennifer specializes in providing support to ambitious, professional women. As a Certified Life, Career, and Business Coach, she brings a holistic approach to her clients, working with them to achieve fulfillment in all areas of their lives.

In private practice since 2014, Jennifer is experienced at coaching women from all walks of life to successfully navigate their careers while defying self-imposed limitations, breaking through barriers, and juggling the demands in their personal lives.

Jennifer brings to her clients an intimate understanding of the challenges women encounter in the workplace. Her ability to relate to working women stems from her own experiences in the corporate world, the complexities she has faced as a female business owner, and all that her high-achieving clientele have shared about their own professional journeys. Equipped with that awareness, Jennifer serves as her clients’ champion and accountability partner, empowering women to become active participants in all that they can control.

In coaching sessions, she works with women to identify and more fully capitalize on their top strengths and talents, organize their priorities, implement time-saving techniques, live more effectively, and set realistic goals with manageable steps.

Additionally, as a professional writer, Jennifer is experienced at creating a range of materials for clients. From the time she began a career in Public Relations/Marketing in 2006, she has been sought out by clients to craft marketing materials, website content, and high-level resumes. She parlayed her writing services and shift into the coaching world into a combined venture when she launched Maximize and Thrive (in 2014),  and has expanded the business as client demand has grown.


Currently, she offers her writing services in two ways: She has an aptitude for helping her female clients improve their messaging and delivery so that they can communicate and present the highest version of themselves to the world. This may involve assisting them with the wording of presentations and scripts, or overhauling their resumes. Secondly, she works in collaboration with Andy to create materials for the start-ups and companies who employ their consulting services, specifically focusing on business plans, website content, and internal documents such as values statements and feedback reports. 

As a writer, Jennifer enjoys working with clients who appreciate her attention to detail, thorough research, and the thoughtfulness she brings to each project. As a coach, she works with women who are ready to make themselves a priority and those who need an empathetic, strategic partner. Dubbed the "whole-hearted coach" by her clients, she puts her heart into everything that she does - and that is evident in both how she writes and how she coaches. 

If you are interested in speaking with Jennifer about her services, she would love to hear from you.

Phone: 980.505.7725


Andy Fischer

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Andy specializes in providing support to C-Suite executives and organizational leaders through coaching, consulting, and fractional services. His areas of focus are working with those at start-ups and companies experiencing rapid growth. 

Andy maintains an active private practice of clients who are driven to become more effective leaders, uncover blind spots, and accelerate bottom-line results. He is experienced at    working with his clients to increase their professional impact and improve their organization as a whole by helping them to develop a step-by-step strategic action plan to achieve their intended goals and targets.

Providing a critical and neutral third-party viewpoint, Andy is regarded by his clients as an exceptional listener and trusted confidant. As a fractional executive, he is relied upon for his ability to create winning solutions to complex organizational challenges. Further, he holds an MBA from Wake Forest University, is a Certified Business Coach, and brings to his private practice a background in operations management and experience coaching hundreds of employees throughout his career.

Prior to joining Jennifer in private practice in 2020, Andy spent over 13 years in senior-level roles in a fast-paced, start-up organization where he was respected as a leader of high integrity with an ability to produce results. During his tenure, he managed the day-to-day operations of multiple verticals and oversaw teams of 175+.

Rising through the ranks, he was selected by the CEO to overhaul the company’s lowest performing business unit, and in two and a half years, he significantly reduced costs and doubled revenue, making it the second highest performing department in the company. Next, he was appointed by the CFO to build the HR department to serve 1,000  employees.

The CEO and CFO relied extensively on his financial analysis of staffing and operations to drive company decisions, and he was part of the leadership team that grew the organization to over $20M in annual revenue, making substantial contributions to the bottom line and future direction of the company.

As a coach, Andy uses the breadth of  his experiences to offer valuable insights and feedback as he helps his clients achieve their potential as top performers.  He works well with those who seek a strategic partner and sounding board, and clients who are committed to the process of continual improvement. 

As a consultant, he particularly enjoys working with  mission-driven organizations that seek to achieve the highest levels of operational efficiency and establish a positive, inclusive company culture.  He takes pride in being part of a team that is intent on reaching their goals while doing good in the world.

If you are interested in speaking with Andy about his services, he looks forward to hearing from you.

Phone: 980.505.7723


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“The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible.”

Arthur C. Clarke

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