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Fractional Services 

A Strategic Partnership

Part-time help and high-level expertise
for those who need:

Fractional Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Fast-paced small businesses and companies that want to achieve optimal performance 

  • Strategic planning 

  • Analysis of metrics and data

  • Assessment of gaps and plans to course correct

  • Evaluation of services, contracts, pricing strategies

  • Revamp of operational systems

  • Implementation of process improvement initiatives

  • Forecasting, dashboards, P&L management

  • Optimization of multiple revenue streams

  • Plans for sustainable scaling and growth

  • Support to CEO in executing the vision

What is a Fractional Executive?

A partnership with a fractional executive, or fractional consultant, is a temporary or interim assignment. Companies hire fractional executives when a traditional full-time person may not be necessary.

This can be for many reasons. Sometimes, the business is still in the start-up phases. It may only need part-time help, or it might not be feasible to hire a full-time employee as it is still growing. Other times, companies may desire part-time fractional management for an unexpected vacancy while they conduct a search for a full-time replacement. 

Since fractional consultants work remotely, they have the ability to remain agile and flexible. This enables you to structure the arrangement to suit the particular needs of your company. Plus, when you hire a fractional consultant, you benefit from the expertise of a top executive without the commitment and price tag of hiring one full-time. 

"As a fractional executive, I take pressure off daily operations and work with you to develop the culture of your company. My goal is to help you achieve maximum efficiency so that you can concentrate on your
long-term goals."

Become a high-performing company and develop high-performing teams!

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